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Ghost cell is a very rare Telecom Fraud which needs highly sophisticated technology to comply. Without make you nervous, let me explain how this fraud take place. In normal terms, Ghost Cell means creating a ‘False Base Station’.

  1. Provide education to Telecom FM proffessionals
  2. Re-search on new fraud trends
  3. On-site assistanace to set-up Fraud Management
  4. On-site lecture on Telecom Fraud Management
  5. Assistance towards Fraud events

Telecommunication Fraud Management is appeared to be a tuff job to handle. In a way it comes under Revenue Assurance which holds a big position in a Telecom company. This subject will not in concern of mobile technology. Either mobile or fixed communication system could be impacted by a telecom fraudster.
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Telecom Fraud Management is not an easy job to handle. FM comes under (or with) Revenue Assurance division in a Telecom company. Telecom Fraud Management is not only for mobile technology. It can be either mobile or fixed communication system which exposed to telecom fraudsters. Also packet switching network (known as GPRS) is another area exposed to telecom fraudsters in general. First motivation of fraudster is known or leaked loop holes in policies & procedures of a Telecom company.

To get information on company policies & procedures fraudster do not need any internal party to communicate. He could create that opportunity by himself as a customer. Where, Telecom Company will not be able to hide most of the information from a customer when he/she insist to know. For an instance: postpaid billing. We all know that companies which do not follow online postpaid billing will take some time to provide the actual amount which a customer owes to the company. Also it’ll take quite a few days to process. Month end billing process will create a window of non rating period as well. (What company will do is queuing all call detail records (CDR) & payment details.) This time window will more than enough any telecom fraudster to do any fraudulent event.

By stating all that, fraudster require an internal personal to update his/her immediately on circumstances which will be profitable to him/her. That will provide efficient fraud activity which could be a disaster for the telecom company.

To become a Telecom Fraud Management professional you should need few qualifications. (Read what you should know before become a telecom fraud management professional.) If you posses those skills it won’t be much difficult. But you need to be focus and stay up to date.


Telecom Fraud Management is not a subject you could learn from a school or a university. Because of that no one really wants to become a Telecom Fraud Management professional. Even if someone wants to do that, it’s very difficult to grab the required knowledge. Therefore we decided to educate you from this site. We will publish telecom fraud events which may help you to understand the Fraud Management up to certain extend.

Fraudster is not a person who will sit down and do the same fraud over and over again. He/she always change his/her pattern and apply new technologies to each and every fraud event. Hence it’s necessary to find out new fraud trends and possible fraud events. Because more we cautious and think out of the box will help us to create solid counter measures towards telecommunication frauds.

We, glad to help you to solve Fraud Management issue by providing on-site assistance to you. Visiting to your work station help us to understand clearly what loop holes lead fraudster to create the fraud event. You could contact one of our agents by e-mail to our company e-mail. Once you do so, one our agent will contact you soon.

We would like to meet your Fraud Management team and provide education on-site. Once you read articles on this site, you may not understand what exactly happened. At that moment you could request more clarifications from us by mail. But if you need to know more about it, best way to come and teach you on that.

Sometimes you may not able to understand what counter measure to be applied to a certain fraud event. Do not worry. All you have to do is contact us via our mail and let us know your problem. We would glad to assist you to get rid of your head each.


This topic is a very important to anyone who willing to become a Telecom Fraud Management Professional.
Since we are talking about a telecommunication industry, it’s obvious that we are discussing about a technology based company. Hence you should posses a good knowledge in Information Technology to enter into Telecom Fraud Management. That helps you to understand all sort of system mechanisms & no one can provide you false information regarding any of data hierarchies/data models, which is very important to our profession. You should be able to understand what systems do what in term of business perspective. Also it is essential to identify input & output of systems & processes within the company.

“Sometimes what you can see is not the truth” you should follow this phrase before you come into any conclusion regarding any analysis. You should work with your brain to solve problems by looking at evidence as well as clues. You should act like an investigator until you come across the actual situation. This is not so easy to posses, but once you get your eye into the job you will understand what need to be done. Always remember to not to delay the investigation because during this time window, fraudster can hurt you & your company.

As a telecommunication Fraud Management professional you should create your own network. This is very important when it comes to an investigation. Always management wants you to find out what caused for fraudulent activities immediately. Then you will be able to apply counter measures to mitigate the fraud activity to reduce the revenue loss to the company. During this process sometimes you will come across with a new situation where you may not have any knowledge towards it. You need your network of FM professionals at this point. Once you acquire knowledge, it’s easy to apply counter measures immediately. It’s important to contact trustworthy employees to do it as soon as possible.

Experience in telecom technology, knowledge about processes/procedures of the company hold high value, in terms of the efficiency towards fraud management. Do not misunderstand that telecom fraud management is not auditing. This is purely a different line of work. Hence experiences in above mentioned areas are vital. Even if you were not handled fraud management earlier, experience towards the company will help you to do your job properly.

Telecommunication fraud management professional require to posses data mining skills. Also he/she should be able to convert source data into meaningful information. Structured Query Language (SQL) will help for data mining as well as retrieve data from a source database/etc. As a fraud management professional you should be able to handle different databases. That can include MS Accesses / Oracle or SQL server database. Because most of the time we need raw data to carry out an analysis when it comes to a fraudulent activity. If we can gather / process & analyze data by ourselves it would be an unbiased investigation where there will be no dependency towards the investigation.

Analysis skill will be the key to identify a fraudulent activity. Success of the fraud prevention or mitigation will be based on how you carry out you analysis. You should accurately provide your assumptions / presumes towards the situation. How good you handle the situation will be the forecast of the success.

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